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“the melodic punch of Lizzy and the vocal soul of vintage Cov, London-based quartet HBE sweat potential”

“a genuinely unique album that has shown the breadth of talent from this London based band”

“a fine album that deseverse being heard - and not just for 70s lovers”



Haslemere Fringe Festival 2022

Haslemere, Surry - UK
1st July 2022

Hammer & Tongs Festival 2022

Sheffield - UK
9th July 2022

LIVE at The Black Heart

Camden, London
22nd July 2022

Farmer Phil's Festival 2022

Shrewsbury, Shropshire - UK
13th August 2022

LIVE at Temple Athens

Athens, Greece
9th September 2022


LIVE at The Dublin Castle

Camden, London
14th October 2022



Apostolos Liapis
Roman Flourendzou
Raymond Phelan
Alex Butticè
George Chronis
guitar, keys


Inspired by the rock classics of the 70s, Hunted by Elephants are a high-energy 5-piece hard rock band renewing the time-honoured union of soaring vocals, growling riffs and energising drumming.

Formed in mid-2018 by Apostolos (vocals), Roman (guitar) and Ray (bass), now joined by Alex (drums) and George (guitar and keys). Together, they supply riff driven songs with heavy undertones that invokes an atmosphere of the golden years of hard rock from the 70s and beyond.